Who is a changemaker?

They are a rare species. And they are all mere individuals. But each of them, be it Verghese Kurien with his billion-litre idea that sparked the white revolution, Johannes Gutenberg with his printing press, Henry Ford with his mass-producing assembly line or Jeff Bezos, who put the e into e-commerce, ushered in a change that transformed the lives of millions. And continues to do so.

Today, there are a few such changemakers in our midst, in India. Each of them has impacted society in a very big and in a very positive way. Their work has helped enhance the quality of life and livelihoods, and made the world a better place.

BusinessLine Changemaker Awards

To commemorate its 25th anniversary, BusinessLine sought to recognise and reward these transformers for their achievements through its Changemaker Awards.

The awards ( in its third year now) seeks to celebrate those individuals, entities and organisations , who through their work, have contributed to materially improving the condition of society, economy and the planet. We have put in place a robust process to identify these changemakers. The first step in the award process is seeking nominations which are then shortlisted, based on a set of criteria, to arrive at the final nominees in each category. These nominees are subject to an independent validation after which a jury comprising eminent personalities will choose the winners, who will be felicitated at the awards function.

Award Categories

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Click here to Nominate!


This award will go to a person (or an organisation) who has ushered in a far-reaching change. By virtue of this being the flagship award, the impact of the change should clearly stand out from other winners.

Nominations are now closed.


A changemaker who has transformed the society through his work in the areas of financial inclusion, banking, micro-finance and so on by adopting modern technologies or otherwise.

Nominations are now closed.

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This award celebrates a changemaker who is below 30 years of age.

Nominations are now closed.

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An award for individuals or organisations that have done considerable work when it comes to health, education, poverty alleviation, gender equality, woman empowerment and so on.

Nominations are now closed.


A changemaker who has leveraged digital technology to bring about the change.

Nominations are now closed.

Iconic Changemaker

A changemaker who has brought about a change that has with stood the test of time and, over the decades transform the country.


Please note that we do not accept nomination for this category.


Who can Apply?

To qualify for this award the nominee should have done the following:

  • Successfully questioned established practices in India to bring about a welcome change in his area of operation or sphere of influence
  • The change so brought about recently has materially impacted society at large/organisation in a positive manner
  • The change (or the new business model) should be sustainable
  • The change must be easily adaptable (even better if it has been already adopted/embraced by others or has become a public policy)
  • The basis for the change should have emanated from an original idea (if it is inspired from elsewhere in the world, it should have been substantially Indianised so much so that it is as good as a new concept)

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