What are changemaker awards?

They are awards instituted by The Hindu BusinessLine to recognise and reward individuals, entities and organisations, who through their work, have contributed to materially improve the condition of society, economy and the planet.

Why were the Changemaker Awards launched?

The year 2018 marks the completion of 25 years by the Hindu Business Line. To commemorate this milestone, we have instituted the Business Line Changemaker awards. Going forward the awards will be an annual feature celebrating changemakers year after year.

Who is eligible to apply?

To qualify for this award the nominee should have done the following:
* Successfully challenged established practices in India to bring about a much-needed change
* The basis for the change should have emanated from an original idea (if it is inspired from elsewhere in the world, it should have been substantially Indianised so much so that it is almost a new concept)
* The change should have materially impacted society at large/the organisation in a positive manner
* The change should have occurred recently
* The change (or new business model) should be sustainable
* The change should be easily adaptable or should already have been adopted by others or become a public policy

Can I self-nominate?

Yes, you can. You can also nominate others you believe deserve the award and others can nominate you or your organisation. The nomination form will guide you through the process.

How to apply?

You can nominate yourself or a third person by accessing the nomination form . Please provide necessary information. Do not forget to give a reference and attach supporting documents / online links which can be uploaded in the nomination form. In case of multiple documents zip them and upload as a single file.

When is the first and last date for application?

The first and last date of nominations will be from Sep 02 & Oct 31 respectively.

What are the different categories of awards?

There are five categories:

1. Changemaker of the year (Organisation/Individual)
This award will go to a person (or an organisation) who has ushered in a far-reaching change. By virtue of this being the flagship award, the impact of the change should clearly stand out from other winners

2. Young Changemaker (Individual)
This award celebrates a changemaker who is below 30 years of age

3. Changemaker – Digital Transformation (Organisation/Individual)
A changemaker who has leveraged digital technology to bring about the change

4. Changemaker – Social Transformation (Organisation/Individual)
An award for individuals or organisations that have done considerable work when it comes to health, education, poverty alleviation, gender equality, woman empowerment and so on

5. Changemaker – Financial Transformation (Organisation/Individual)
A changemaker who has transformed the society through his work in the areas of financial inclusion, banking, micro-finance and so on by adopting modern technologies or otherwise

6. Iconic Changemaker (Individual)
A changemaker who has brought about a change that has with stood the test of time and, over the decades transform the country.

Why can’t I nominate an Iconic Changemaker?

Nominees for the Iconic Changemaker are chosen by The Hindu BusinessLine and knowledge partners after a thorough discussion

Can I apply for more than one category?

Yes you can but please note that a nominee can win in only one category

Is there a nomination fee?

There is no fee for nominating a Changemaker.

Should i nominate an individual or an organisation?

The awards seek to recognise both. Some categories reward individuals and organisations while a few rewards either an individual or an organisation. The award categories on the home page give spell this out in detail.

Who selects the winners?

An independent jury comprising eminent personalities from the corporate world and social sector will make the final selection.

When will results be known?

The names of the winners will be announced early next year and they will be felicitated at a glittering award ceremony.